Friday, July 7, 2017

Red Lodge Montana...

For a change, Jackie was right once again.  When we pulled into Red Lodge Montana, parched and hungry on our mad dash to make it from Billings to Cody before evening.  We vowed not to stop too many times along the way, but Red Lodge was such an appealing place that we happily overstayed our welcome.  The minute we hit town, Jackie saw Mas Taco, a converted old gas station that has been repurposed into a Mexican Restaurant and decided that's where we would stop for lunch.  But I saw a Mexican place that I thought I liked better till I walked inside.  The bright inviting exterior quickly gave way to a dreary dingy depressing interior that looked more like a cheap Chinese take out place, so once again Jackie got it right the first time and Mas Taco it was.  Anyway I almost always like the idea of repurposed old gas stations, so what was I thinking?

Photo of Jackie waiting for our tacos and beer.  The tacos were very good and tasted great and Jackie always like sitting outside, but the tacos just really weren't photogenic, much as I tried.  You'll just have to take our word for it if you should ever find yourself passing through Red Lodge.
This next photos are the best looking building in town and a ghost sign.


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