Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finding America on Route 20...

Its been a while, but this is my first posting of 2015.  In as much as the last posting of 12/31/14 chronicled the end of our journey to see all of the lower 48, I thought that might be a fitting end to the Hobo's Travelogue, but when you are a 5 Star Hobo, the road does not end arbitrarily, so we forge ahead. 

Heading South soon to get out of the cold and to continue our quest to find America, although it doesn't get anymore American than this, so why do I keep looking?   Its either that or sitting around the living room glued to the tube.  We don't have cable, and are starting to develop cabin fever.  Wasn't going to go south this year for reasons obvious to any of my very few followers, but couldn't stay away either, so be well and stay in touch.