Friday, March 4, 2016

One great Afro...

March 4, 2016
Was walking home from the gallery, which is about 3 blocks from the house when I saw this young woman walking up the street in my direction and I thought "that's the best looking Afro I've seen since the mid 70's".  Its a great look and I always wondered why it went out of style.  As we passed, I asked her if I could take her picture.  She asked why and I told her I loved her hair and taking pictures is what I do and she said ok, wondering what she was getting herself into.  The quizzical look on her face reflects her wonderment about this strange request from this strange old guy with a camera.   I didn't ask her name because I didn't want to push it.

Below is a photo of the strange old guy (me) taken in the gallery about an hour before.  As I said in my 2015 annual report, I did very well last year and it may be a hard act to follow, so I may have to find interest and adventure closer to home.